MAGIX Music Maker Premium

MAGIX Music Maker Premium 2016

An excellent but complex tool for budding recording artists

If you're serious about creating and recording your own songs and tracks, MAGIX Music Maker is not a bad place to start. View full description


  • Lots of features
  • Easy to use sequencer
  • Lots of effects and samples


  • Not enough tutorials

Very good

If you're serious about creating and recording your own songs and tracks, MAGIX Music Maker is not a bad place to start.

It includes sounds, a drum machine, synthesizer and more. With a microphone, you can import your recorded sounds too, like vocals or live instruments, to mix with your digital creations too. MAGIX Music Maker also features midi support.

The interface in MAGIX Music Maker is a little scary to start with, and novices will probably have some trouble getting into it. There are help files, and online video too, but currently they're not developed enough. Nevertheless, MAGIX Music Maker is fun to play around with.

You can quite easily get a drum beat going, and add some strange noises to it. Altering sounds is easy, as there are a variety of effects you can add. The more you explore, the more possibilities open up in MAGIX Music Maker. The problem with all of this is lack of explanation. It's a shame the demo doesn't come with preloaded examples and proper tutorials, as you are left to just mess around by yourself.

If you're looking for an in depth music maker, MAGIX Music Maker could be the answer, as it does almost everything the bedroom producer might want. Novices might find it frustrating though.

MAGIX Music Maker Premium


MAGIX Music Maker Premium 2016

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